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Ade is an entrepreneur turned investor.
TJ is an investor turned entrepreneur.
Together we have invested over $300m in more than 70 companies. Come work with us.

Base10 Team

Our Values

  • Be humble.
  • Work hard.
  • Serve the entrepreneur.
  • Serve our investors.

Adeyemi Ajao

Adeyemi Ajao

Managing Partner

Adeyemi (“Ade”) is co-founder & Managing Partner at Base10 Partners. Before Base10, Ade had a successful career as an entrepreneur and investor. Ade was the co-founder and CEO of Tuenti (The “Spanish Facebook” which was acquired by Telefonica in 2010... Read more

TJ Nahigian

Managing Partner

TJ is a co-founder and Managing Partner at Base10 Partners. Before Base10, TJ had a successful career as an entrepreneur and investor. As an entrepreneur, TJ was the founder and CEO of Jobr, a mobile job platform that grew profitably... Read more
Rexhi Dollaku

Rexhi Dollaku


Rexhi (pronounced Reggie) is a Principal at Base10 Partners. Prior to joining Base10, Rexhi was an investor at Insight Venture Partners, one of the leading global software and internet focused venture capital and private equity firms. At Insight, Rexhi focused... Read more

Chris Zeoli


Before joining Base10, Chris had experience as both an investor and an entrepreneur. He was a principal at SignalFire for two years, where he led series A/B investments into Pangaea (alongside Base10), as well as OneSignal and Anchore. He was... Read more

Sarah Ramos

Head of Data Visualization & Investment Content

Sarah is the Head of  Data Visualization & Investment Content at Base10. Prior to Base10, Sarah was a content marketing specialist at TripActions, a corporate travel management software company, where she created thought leadership, customer marketing, and product marketing content.... Read more

Robby Greer

Head of Data

Robby is the Head of Data at Base10. Before joining Base10, Robby managed Affirm’s consumer marketplace, where he was responsible for business strategy, operations, and growth. Prior to Affirm, Robby led a strategy team at Uber Eats that focused on... Read more

Andrew Lebovitz

Head of Operations and Finance

Andrew is the Head of Operations and Finance at Base10 and has been with the team since 2017 shortly after Ade & TJ founded the firm.  Prior to joining Base10, Andrew was a hedge fund analyst at Watershed Asset Management... Read more

Angelica Willis

Advisor of Quantitative Research Strategy

Angelica is an Advisor of Quantitative Research Strategy at Base10 Partners. Angelica conducts machine learning research at Google’s Brain initiative, one of the leading artificial intelligence research teams in the world. She has also conducted machine learning research at Apple... Read more

Brooke Neal

Operations Assistant & Office Manager

Brooke Neal is the Operations Assistant & Office Manager at Base10 and has been with the team since 2018. Prior to joining Base10, Brooke was an Advertising Account Executive at Omnicom. Brooke graduated from the University of Denver having studied... Read more

Ajani Smith-Washington

Investment Analyst Intern

Ajani joined Base10 in June 2020 and is an investment analyst intern assisting the investment team with sourcing and diligence. After the summer, Ajani will return to Howard University for his senior year to complete his degrees in physics and... Read more

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